Trailers for motor yachts



“Donchev-Transavto” is also well known for producing superior trailers at a competitive price.Our company manufacture any size trailers for jet skis, boats and yachts, but also provides spare parts for trailers from Knott.



The yacht trailers can be manufactured with either two axes or three axes, depending of customer’s requirements or boat’s specifications.


Sample standard boat trailer features: 


- Length of the trailer – 10.15 m (two axles)

- Suitable for motor yacht from 8 to 11m long and 3m wide

- Load: 2800-3000kg

- With rollers (easy loader configuration)

- With brake

- Winch for 900 kg.

- Sliding front support

- An open bridge

- New tires and wheels (4 +1)

- Removable rear panel

- LED lights

Total weight: 3600 kg.


The price also includes:

- registration

- Green card

- insurance


Please get in contact with us, so we can give you our bespoke quotation!


We are able to deliver your custom made boat trailer anywhere within Europe.